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Manatii Dark Rum - "Hope Town"

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Hope Town is the first batch of our signature dark rum, distilled with passion in bespoke stills using a 300-year-old St Lucian family recipe and process which has been passed down through the generations.

Hope Town is inspired by the vibrancy of the Caribbean and £2 from every bottle goes directly to supporting Caribbean communities to re-build and recover in the wake of natural disasters.

Distilled & Bottled in the UK, by hand, in beautiful, individually numbered bottles.

40% ABV.

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On the nose, aromas of sweet, ripe breadfruit with earthy, grassy notes of sugarcane

On the palate, our secret fruit blend with subtle hints of vanilla before a bold banana finish.


Manatii is beautifully smooth, perfect on the rocks, with your favourite mixer or in your cocktail of choice.

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